Who We Are

The Humanitarian and Welfare Association (HAWA) is a local charity registered (3939) in March 2018 under Ethiopian Charity and Society Agency as Ethiopian Resident Charity in accordance with the charities and societies proclamation No. 621/2009.

HAWA is a humanitarian, non-governmental and non-profit organisation dedicated to empower Somali Regional State (SRS) communities, so that poverty is reduced particularly for vulnerable and deprived people such as woman and children.

Our Mission

HAWA strives to improve the lives of the vulnerable persons, ensuring a community free from poverty and having freedom and development through poverty reduction and development initiatives for social transformation.

What We Do


— Livelihood & Resillience

As the number of IDPs has reached an all-time high and thousands of refugees are living below poverty line, particularly in the Somali Region, because of the climate change, inter-communal conflicts, natural and man made disasters…


— Education For All

In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) which aims to deliver inclusive and quality education for all and to promote lifelong learning, HAWA believes that education is a basic human right and thus the organisation is committed to ensure…


— Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH):

It is reported that two thirds of the rural Ethiopians do not have access to adequate sanitation and millions of others do not have access to water, especially in the dry, drought prone east and south regions.


— Protection For Vulnerable People

Protection is a major concern for all humanitarian situations of conflict, violence and natural disasters. In such crises, an effective humanitarian response must be informed by an analysis of threats and risks that people face.

Achievements and projects implemented So Far

Birqod, Jarar zone

The NGO donated school study materials for poor primary school children in Birqod of Jarar zone in October 1, 2018. The distributed material included school uniforms, books and pens. We also distributed teachers’ kit for a number of teachers in the same area of Birqod.

Jigjiga, Fafan Zone

As we know, there are a big number of adolescents and youths migrating every day from the Somali region to elsewhere in the world looking for a better life. In many cases, it doesn’t turn to be good for them and for their parents as many of them die in the middle of nowhere