Protection For Vulnerable People

Protection is a major concern for all humanitarian situations of conflict, violence and natural disasters. In such crises, an effective humanitarian response must be informed by an analysis of threats and risks that people face.

Therefore, HAWA undertakes responsive action to alleviate the immediate effects of violence and abuse and avoid its recurrence. Similarly, HAWA undertake remedial action to ensure the provision of basic needs, restore dignity, and ensure well-being and recovery through assistance and rehabilitation. In similar vein, HAWA undertakes environment-building actions that aim to create a social, cultural, institutional and legal environment conducive to the respect for rights.

In nutshell, HAWA fosters an integrated protection approach in which it integrates protection outcomes with its intervention strategies. In our protection sector, we focus on vulnerable people such as women and children of the IDPs sites. The children of separated parents and unaccompanied ones are also given particular considerations. In addition, we conduct awareness workshops about harmful traditional practices and violence against children and women. Also, we give a psychosocial support for victims of conflicts and internal violence.