What We Do


— Livelihood & Resillience

As the number of IDPs has reached an all-time high and thousands of refugees are living below poverty line, particularly in the Somali Region, because of the climate change, inter-communal conflicts, natural and manmade disasters, HAWA is committed to provide dignified life and durable solutions for these vulnerable IDPs residing in the Somali region. We aim to increase their resilience and create opportunities for income generation.


— Education For All

In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) which aims to deliver inclusive and quality education for all and to promote lifelong learning, HAWA believes that education is a basic human right and thus the organisation is committed to ensure quality protective education for refugee children and young people in the Somali Region.The charity provides vocational training and capacity building for both teachers and school management teams.


— Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH):

It is reported that two thirds of the rural Ethiopians do not have access to adequate sanitation and millions of others do not have access to water, especially in the dry, drought prone east and south regions.

HAWA in collaboration with local communities and international donors is dedicated to provide a long term sustainable projects that are mainly concerned to develop water sources in these affected areas.


— Protection For Vulnerable People

Protection is a major concern for all humanitarian situations of conflict, violence and natural disasters. In such crises, an effective humanitarian response must be informed by an analysis of threats and risks that people face.

Therefore, HAWA undertakes responsive action to alleviate the immediate effects of violence and abuse and avoid its recurrence. Similarly, HAWA undertake remedial action to ensure the provision of basic needs, restore dignity, and ensure well-being and recovery through assistance and rehabilitation. In similar vein, HAWA undertakes environment-building actions that aim to create a social, cultural, institutional and legal environment conducive to the respect for rights.

In nutshell, HAWA fosters an integrated protection approach in which it integrates protection outcomes with its intervention strategies. In our protection sector, we focus on vulnerable people such as women and children of the IDPs sites. The children of separated parents and unaccompanied ones are also given particular considerations. In addition, we conduct awareness workshops about harmful traditional practices and violence against children and women. Also, we give a psychosocial support for victims of conflicts and internal violence.

That said, HAWA’s humanitarian and developmental projects are not only limited to the above mentioned areas, but also carry out other development based projects as well as emergency relief ventures depending on the availability of funds and donor requests.