Who We Are

The Humanitarian and Welfare Association (HAWA) is a local charity registered (3939) in March 2018 under Ethiopian Charity and Society Agency as Ethiopian Resident Charity in accordance with the charities and societies proclamation No. 621/2009.

HAWA is a humanitarian, non-governmental and non-profit organisation dedicated to empower Somali Regional State (SRS) communities, so that poverty is reduced particularly for vulnerable and deprived people such as woman and children.

Our Mission

HAWA strives to improve the lives of the vulnerable persons, ensuring a community free from poverty and having freedom and development through poverty reduction and development initiatives for social transformation.

Thematic Area of Work

All emergency and sustainable projects of HAWA are implemented in the Somali Regional State (SRS). The SRS is deemed one of the five under-developed regions in Ethiopia and lacks far behind in all development infrastructure sectors such as education, health, nutrition, protection and WASH.

The region has over 1.7 million displaced people according to the Displacement Tracking Matric (DTM). IDPs in the Somali region live in ad hoc sites and settlements, commonly in relatively underdeveloped and marginalized communities. Host communities face pre-existing and precarious socio-economic situations plagued by food insecurity, limited access to basic social services and economic infrastructure, poor livelihood opportunities, shifting land ownership and access patterns, and a diminishing natural resource base. Consecutive years of drought and a profound nutrition crisis have deepened the hardships faced by the region’s population, sorely depleting communities’ coping mechanisms and resilience at a time when they are most needed.


— Our Vision

HAWA aims to build global institutions of sustainable and scalable social enterprises which improve the lives of the internally displaced persons (IDP) in the Somali Region.


— Our Motto

Empowering community, ending poverty; this means creating sustainable and durable solutions for the under-served communities in the Somali Region based on development indicators.

Achievements and projects implemented So Far!

In its short mandate, HAWA has achieved and implemented a number of programs that are beneficial for the community the organisation is working for. The followings are the pinpoints of the projects that have been carried out by the NGO.

— Birqod, Jarar Zone

The NGO donated school study materials for poor primary school children in Birqod of Jarar zone in October 1, 2018. The distributed material included school uniforms, books and pens. We also distributed teachers’ kit for a number of teachers in the same area of Birqod.Similarly, on January 20, 2019 the NGO distributed cloths and blankets to around 300 students of Birqod district for the second time round sponsored by ArifZahir Mission of Malaysia.

— Hand Dug Well in Qoloji

With its continuous commitment to stand firm with IDPs, HAWA has completed a hand dug well in the Qoloji IDP camp. The project was sponsored by Arif Zahir Mission, which is registered in Malaysia and administered by Malaysian individuals. The project was completed under the supervision of DPP and Water Resources Development respectively.Also, Arif Zahir Mission of Malaysia in collaboration with HAWA, is planning to do a maintenance work for another four abandoned Wells in Qoloji IDP camps which is scheduled to commence in June this year.

— Jigjiga, Fafan Zone

As we know, there are a big number of adolescents and youths migrating every day from the Somali region to elsewhere in the world looking for a better life. In many cases, it doesn’t turn to be good for them and for their parents as many of them die in the middle of nowhere, or reach their targeted destination but do not succeed for some reasons. Therefore, the organisation held a workshop on migration adversities for 25 teenagers and youths in Jigjiga of Fafan zone.

— Qoloji & Tulli-guuleed

Considering the humanitarian crisis in the IDP sites of the Somali region, the organisation decided to extend a helping hand for those refugees. Thus, Food assistance and non-food assistance were distributed by the organisation in the IDPs sites of Qoloji and Tulli-guuleed in April and December of 2018.

So, HAWA is growing fast and gaining momentum in its cause. Its message to help the needy and vulnerable people of the Somali Region is appealing to many across the continents and reached far better than expected. This is due to the good rapport built between the NGO and donors that is based on trust and shared goals.